REST Service Code Helper Features

An IDE with grammar highlighter

REST Service Code Helper use a grammar to define REST Interfaces,
With this simple IDE, can easy check the define errors and preview the generated server side source code. Here is a REST Service Define.

Code Generate

REST Service Code Helper can generate both Server Side Source Code and Client Side Source Code.
SERVER SIDE, It generate C++ source codes, depends libevent, MySQL Connector ++, JSON CPP.
Server Side Framework

  • Item.h/Item.cpp
  • These files contain all the class defines that appear in the define file.

  • ItemMgr.h/ItemMgr.cpp
  • These files contain ItemMgr class which has the itemDatas defines for each class that defined in Item.h, this class will be used by ItemHttpMgr for data populating.

  • ItemHttpMgr.h/ItemHttpMgr.cpp
  • These files contain the ItemHttpMgr class, which contains the http dispatch function, default http deal logic function. The http request logic work flow as follow:
    Server Side Http Request Flow

  • ItemLogic.h/ItemLogic.cpp
  • User implement file, use to do the http request logic instead of the generated default logic.

  • FormChecker.h/FormChecker.cpp
  • User implement file, use to check form fields values for each request.such as isString, maxLen, minLen, isNumber

  • AuchChecker.h/AuchCheck.cpp
  • User Implement file, use to do authorize check for a special http request, such as role check, auth check, login check.

CLIENT SIDE, It generate ready for use client api source codes for these languages:

  • C++
  • Delphi
  • Java
  • Objective-C
  • PHP
  • C#

Here are some tutorials on how to use the generated client sdk.

Document Generate

REST Service Code Helper can generate API and Database structure document with the popular Markdown formats, which can easy convert to other formats(such as HTML, PDF…) use free tools like MarkdownPad, MdCharm, Mou ….


REST Service Code Helper can generate test profiles for RESTful API Tester, so you can be easily imported into REST API Tester tools and test the REST Service you are working on.