REST Service Code Helper

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Who Need REST Service Code Helper?

If you want use C++ implement a high performance REST Service Server

REST Service Code Helper can generate tons of C++ source codes based on your REST Service Interface define. It include data check codes, standard CRUD Database operate,
here you can see the generated server side code files structure and the the default CRUD logic code flow.

If you want use a REST Service, but the vendor only supply the REST Service documents, with no ready for use client API.

with REST Service Code Helper, you can define the REST Service interface use the vendor’s documents, and then you got the ready for use client API.

Why RESTful Service Code Helper

    • generate simple CRUD source code
    • generate parameters value check code
    • generate rest api interface document
    • generate database structure document
    • implement own logic before get data or after get data
    • generate ready to use c++ api code
    • generate ready to use pascal api code
    • generate ready to use java(android) api code
    • generate ready to use obj-c(ios) api code