REST Service Code Helper Change Log

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* speed up highlighter render
+ add param_class define
* when param_form equal xml, add xml attribute judgement
* when param_form equal xml,json,check whether field appear in function toXML and toJson
+ add simple function implements for pas api code (strToJsonStr, strToXmlStr)
* fix when use wizard add a new class, when the http_method is empty will cause define text can’t pass validation;
+ add uri_patten define
+ add function for returned xml parse

* fix bugs for the generated function code: toXML, toJSON, parseXML, parseJSON
+ add request_fromreturn_form define for api code generate,so you can make sure the api code will submit json or xml data

+ add toXML,parseXML, toJSON implementation for pas api code.
* fix bugs for the generated C++ api code: toXML,parseXML

+ in the wizard form add import from json/xml data button, so can easy do define from exists data sample.

+ when specify error code can use the const name instead numbers.
* fix parseJSON code generrate, add isObject, isArray judgement.
* the server side code will automated use intStr or numStr make the number parameter is number.

* fix libevent2 include path for C++ code.

+ add aux define.cfg, can adjust the generate for Makefile, in this file you can specify additional libaray or source code reference.
* fix some minor bugs

+ add CMakeList.txt generate for CMakeFile
* fix some minor bugs

+ add list type define for class property
* fix some minor bugs

+ add parseXML, parseJSON code generate for C++
* fix some minor bugs

* fix fields_canempty code generate
* when file_overwite set false, if not exists logic.cpp then logic.h will be orverwrite too.
* fix some minor bugs

+ add WADL define export
* fix some minor bugs
+ add xls error code import problem in win32
+ add submap define can use include “submap file name” to separate defines to multi part files.
+ add a simple add table->class map wizard
+ add a simple add http action wizard
* minor bug fix

* now use tree view to present class and method list (normal use listbox)

+ add data change log code generate support, now can save data change (old value /new value) to a log database.

* do some minor fix for generated server side code

+ add a simple save source files wizard, now can select which generated codes to be saved.

+ add create table sql generate for service aware database tables.
* refine some generated server side source code

+ add db select function define, can select different db connection for same data, useful for archive db data populate which have the same tables and table structure.
+ add uri filter function define, can use for extra uri patten filter
* some bug fix

+ add vs2010 project files export
+ add simple new define wizard, set some basic setting
* some fix for PHP api code generate

first public release
1. c++ server side code generate
2. c++ client sdk code generate
3. php client sdk code generate
4. delphi client sdk code generate
5. Markdown api document generate