TCP Application Code Helper

TCP Application Code Helper is a tools that simply the TCP Application programming.

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Use TCP Application Code Helper, You can program a tcp network application with some simply steps.

step1: Define the Packets

Define packets used in you application, TCP Application Code Helper has an rules to define the packets, this is a Packets Define Sample. see Packets Define Rules.

step2: Generate the start application source code files

Use the define file, TCP Application Code Helper can generate following files:

  • the packet specification document (in HTML format)
  • the class source code for each packet that defined in the define file
  • application source code that connect server/client send/recv net packet and dispatch it to the logic function

the source code that generate now is based on

  • Indy (Delphi)
  • Poco (C++)
  • ASIO (C++) coming soon
  • Libevent (C++) coming soon

more backed frameworks and languages(such as Java and C#) will be supported in the future.

step3: Implement the packet dealing logic

fill the logic function code in the generated Implementation class.

step4: Compile the source and debug the logic

use the target compiler env compile the application source code, and do debug the logic.

step4. Deliver the application