refund policy

Sunny Studio provides free trial version of very software to evaluate product performance before ordering online. This is a great benefit to avoid post purchase problems. You have a chance to test the product with your system compatibility and document compatibility. If satisfied with trial version, you can order it online. Order placement is an automatic process done by a third party payment processor. Once we receive payment, license key-code automatically delivers to you. So it is not possible to get back or disable the issued license key-code. Sunny Studio has some terms & conditions regarding refund of purchased item. If any error occurred during product use and we are unable to solve out the issue or by mistake, a duplicate order is placed, the refund is possible. We don’t provide refund in following situation:
1. If you don’t specify the problem in details with screenshots if required.
2. If you say that the order is placed by mistake.
3. If you used wrong email address during product order.
4. If you say that the specified or claimed feature is not available in software. It is better to test trial version to confirm any claim mentioned on our website.