TCP Application Code Helper Features

TCP Net Application Code Helper is a tools that simply the TCP Application programming.

Has a Simple IDE with grammar checks

With this simple IDE, can easy check packet define Errors and preview the generated source code.

Can define basic data type

in a packet, can use basic data types such as :integer, string, string integer

Can specify the data length explicitly

such as define a integer with length 2 bytes, a string with 20 bytes

Can use another field value specify the data length

such a dynamic string length stored in another field.

Can define repeat data with array

Can define conditional field

with these feature, can determine a field to appear in packet data depend on another field value. for example if a status field value great 0 then a error message field will appear in the packet data.

generate packet class source code

the generated class source can do packet depack raw bytes that received from sockets and pack data to raw bytes so can send to sockets.

Generate application source code

the generated application source implement the connection create, destroy.