PDF Watermark Remover Change log

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v1.19 build 20190128
*fix a memory leak problem when batch process PDF files.
*fix a memory access error
*add another watermark style be detected
*some minor fix

v1.17 build 20180819
* fix some regex remove not correct
* fix config not load correct
* some minor fix

v1.17 build 20180601
* delete pages can start from last page,-1 mean last page
+ add regex text remove feature
* fix batch remove, when the following pdf file pages exceed the first pdf pages, the exceed pages can’t remove problem.
* some minor fix

v1.16 build 20180506
+ add text remove preview feature
* fix sometime batch remove only remove the first 20 pages problem
+ add delete some pages feature
* some minor fix

v1.15 build 20180423
* fix some pdf text not show correct
* fix some pdf backgound text not removed
* fix can’t drag pdf file in WIN10
* some minor fix

v1.14 build 20170831
* fix some text can’t be seen in the text scan list
* can remove another big background text
* some bugs fix

v1.13 build 20170112
* now can deal password protected PDF file(add an password box)
* some bugs fix

v1.12 build 20160621
* add delta range setting when select color to remove in a image
* do some adjust to speed up color remover
* some bugs fix

v1.11 build 20160122
* do some adjust for the text watermarks UI, speed up display speed, use red color show the selected watermark.
* fix a problem when searching text watermarks
* some bugs fix

v1.10 build 20160120
+ add a new watermark type identify
* fix some pdf can’t be opened by Adobe PDF Reader after watermark remover
* some bugs fix

v1.9 build 20151011
* now when do image color remove can first render pdf to image, so some pdf can be regards as image pdf to deal watermark remove.
* optimize for memory use, reduce out of memory error occur times for big image pdf when do color remove.
* some bugs fix

v1.8 build 20150905
* enhance image remove/erase color option form, now can fit with, fit height, zoom in, zoom out in pdf page preview.
* in image remove/erase color option form, now can change image if the page contain multi images.
* when use remove/erase image color option, the out image will be jpg format, so will save file size.
* some bugs fix

v1.7 build 20150820
+ add remove selected colors option, useful for pdfs that consist with images.
+ add scan object text in text watermark scan screen.
* some bugs fix

v1.6 build 20150810
+ add remove all image colors except black colors option, useful for pdfs that consist with images.
+ add erase image top/bottom pixels options, useful for pdfs that consist with images.
* some bugs fix

v1.5 build 20150516
+ add file drag & drop features, so can drag pdf file to software instead of using open file dialog.
+ add find text feature in scan text step, so when scanned tons of text strings, you can easily find your targets.
* some bugs fix

v1.4 build 20150419
+ add one more background text watermark identify method. now can deal some pdf background text that can’t deal before.
* some bugs fix

v1.3 build 20150329
+ add batch watermark remove use same watermarks setting.
+ add load/save common watermark remove settings when open/close soft.
* bugs fix

v1.2 build 20150227
+ add auto detect crumb patten for text watermarks remove
+ add reverse command for watermark selection.
* set unchecked for image watermark quick remove option default value.
* bugs fix

v1.1 build 20150215
+ add option for remove background shapes.
+ add option for remove all annotations.
+ add option for scan only first 20 pages.
* bugs fix

v1.0 build 20150125
+ scan text watermarks
+ scan image watermarks
+ an option for remove unscanned text watermarks.
+ an option for remove background rotated texts.
+ the output pdf keep the original layout and format.